Dear Alex Pettyfer: Please, Take Your Shirt Off Again.


Who is this guy? I had no idea until I saw the Beastly and I Am Number Four movie previews. Being the avid book reader that I am, I’m practically crawling outta my skin waiting to see these 2 movies. I spent the last weekend in my living room starting and finishing IANF and read Beastly back in June, so it makes sense that I’m kinda really excited and on top of that, there’s a really attractive actor playing both “John Smith” (a.k.a. Number 4) and Kyle Kingsbury.

I’m weird. I like to IMDb movies that I either watch or want to see, so on the cast list, I saw Alex Pettyfer as the main character for IANF. After I clicked on his name to find out some more about him, I was like “Oh. My. God.” when I saw his picture files. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF HIM WAS SHIRTLESS. I just wanna say that this boy has a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY attractive body.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video on my wall.

He was on the Ellen show the other week and she somehow persuaded him to take off his shirt. I don’t know how she did it, but Ellen is my new hero.

The sad part, though, is that he might just have a rotten personality. Apparently he asked for $10 million after being hired for another movie and he’s also said to have given his ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron a difficult time on the set of IANF or something, too…but then again, these are the just tabloids speaking and half the time, they’re not factual. And I don’t know if I believe them because he’s said that none of those rumors are true, even though he could easily be lying.

But at the end of the day, let’s face it: we all just want him to take his shirt off again.



Girls Are So Vicious!


Yes, in all honesty, sometimes I do wish I only had guy friends. They’re so chill and as long as you can find something they’re interested in to talk about, they can pretty much be your best friend. And when I say “something they’re interested in”, I don’t only mean the stereotypical stuff like video games and cars, but just general conversation like music or TV or even school. You know what? You don’t even have to make conversation with them! The nice thing about guys is that you don’t have to constantly be talking! You can just sit there in comfortable silence and think while being in the company of someone else.

But for girls, man, are they a pain. I can’t tell you how much drama I’ve gone through from 5th grade until now (and yes, it goes as far back as that). They’re always whispering things behind your back like, “Oh did you see what she’s wearing today? She looks like a *blankity-blank*!” or “So she told me not to tell you this, but I’m just gonna tell you…” (by the way, a majority of girls tell other girls secrets and think that their “friend” won’t tell anyone else. This never works unless you’re telling it to someone you know you can really trust, like your best friend{s})

Girls do things to annoy each other like saying one thing to their friend’s face then doing the exact opposite behind their back. It’s so frustrating!! Just say what you really mean!!! Being stabbed in the back is a much more horrible feeling compared to just being told an opinion.

It’s even worse when they say, “Oh, Sally? Yeah, I don’t like her at all. She’s so gross and ugly and fat and weird, why would I want anything to do with her??” and then you catch them hanging out with “Sally” the next day. It’s so two-faced and ridiculous.

And then, you and your friend get in a fight. Suddenly, they’re talking to all of your friends and saying what “a mean *blank*” you are and how “she doesn’t even like you anyway. Didn’t you hear she said _______?” Now because of all of this fake, totally made up GOSSIP (God, I hate gossip), you’ve only got a few friends. Or if you fight back, you might just end up with none because all of the people stuck in between have gotten frustrated. Maybe you’ll be “lucky” and steal all their friends, but either way, making your friends choose sides is not ok. If you’re friends with me or just aquaintences, I can promise you that I will never, ever put you in that kind of situation or talk bad things about you behind your back.

Seriously guys, consider yourselves lucky. I know you get in fights and stuff, too, but I can promise you it doesn’t get as ugly as ours.



You Know What, Macaroni Grill? You’re Gross.


Don’t get me wrong, I love places like this, but there’s definitely a problem when you go to an “Italian” restaurant and your pasta does not have real cheese in it.

No joke, I’m 110% sure that my mac and “cheese” did not have any trace of legit dairy in it and was made with something similar to Velveeta. Oh, God, I felt like I gagged after every bite because they definitely made my dish first since it was cold and congealed and all kinds of wrong. I’m someone who doesn’t like to make a fuss, so I just sucked it up and ate some of it even though it was absolutely repulsive.

I suppose I’m kinda weird because I like pepper in my mac and cheese, but even that couldn’t mask the obvious taste of chemicals. I’m secretly still grossed out by it. If you’re at an “Italian” restaurant, I think it’s kinda obvious that there should be real cheese in every dish. Even if it costs more, it’s worth it because Velveeta tastes nothing like it.

Dear Macaroni Grill:

Please throw that out.




Whoa, What Happened to Society’s Creativity?!


You know, I’ m very disappointed in this era’s serious lack of creativity when it comes to the movie industry.

Yesterday, I finished reading the book It’s Kind of a Funny Story (which, by the way, was phenomenal!)…the sad part is that I saw the movie before reading the book. Let’s just say I was so surprised when I found out from a friend of mine that there’s actually a book and the movie was based off of it. And guess what? THE MOVIE WAS AWFUL. Well, at first I liked it because it had a good plot and a really cute actor for the main character…but then I read the book and realized out of the 50-something chapters, the movie literally focused on 3. And the love story wasn’t even the major part of it!! The book was completely focused on Craig and how he has this battle with depression…not about him looking for love!!

How frustrating.

Then, I started browsing through the Amazon store on my Kindle and thought it’d be a good idea to see my book recommendations. I checked the list and was pretty bored by the selections until I came across the book version of I Am Number Four. WHAT THE HECK!?!??!?!! In all honesty, I thought that was a totally made up idea!! But of course, it’s based off of something. *sigh* Guess I’ll be reading it now before seeing that movie.

The worst part is that it doesn’t stop there. Last summer, I read Beastly by Alex Flinn (which, by the way, is another fantastic book) and 2 weeks later, found out it was currently in the process of becoming a major motion picture. Man, they better not mess that one up because that was the greatest modern Beauty and the Beast I’ve ever read.

I found out my favorite author, Sarah Dessen, is going on a book tour this year and had gone to her website to check out the dates and locations when I came across her blog. I looked through a buncha her posts and my eyes bugged out as soon as I saw that her book Along for the Ride was turned into a movie called Flipped. You can’t see it right now, but I’m shaking my head in disappointment.

What happened to original ideas like the concept of Inception? Now that movie had such an amazing script and plot, not to mention some pretty sweet special effects (seriously, Christopher Nolan is my hero). And you know what, I think Pirates of the Caribbean is a pretty crafty saga…it’s neat how one guy can manage to pull off almost 4 great movies with interesting plots. And let’s not forget about Finding Nemo 🙂  (come on, how can that one not warm your heart?) The story of the little fish who gets separated from his father and put in a fish tank is so touching that I always get this warm fuzzy feeling by the time Somewhere Beyond the Sea starts playing at the end of the film.

So moviemakers of America: I think we’d all appreciate it if you’d please get your own ideas and stop being lazy.


The Perfect Man


I know, I know, two blog posts about guys in a row…kinda obnoxious, I get it. But I created this blog to basically say whatever’s on my mind and right now, this is what is.

Tonight, one of my best friends and I hung out and, as usual, we got onto the topic of guys and what we look for in them. I gotta say that my standards seem pretty simple with just one or two…”unusual” areas. It’s not like I need someone who’s gotta have blonde hair and green eyes or something like that; it’s more so that I need a guy who fits who I am. I refuse to change myself for someone, even a friend, because the number one rule in my Rule Book of Life  is to stay true to myself no matter what (trust me, I know how cliché that sounds).

Sure I may change, but change happens to everybody and it’s something out of our control.  If I find out that a guy who is a die-hard sports fanatic is my soul mate, there’s no way I’m going to forcefully change the way I look and think just for him. Who knows, maybe in three weeks, he wouldn’t be in my life anymore and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Would I go back to who I was before? Would I stay this new person? Or would I do some awkward combination of my real self and this weird-sports-fan-thing??

Since I’m almost a month away from being 16, I’ve kinda stepped back and thought about some of the”firsts” I’ve had so far through high school…First time behind the wheel: check. First time swimming in gym class: check. First time getting an A on a final: check. First kiss: blank. First boyfriend: blank. First love: blank.

What is “love” at this age anyway? Making out in the hall (which, by the way, is super gross. Nobody wants to see that on their way to class. Just sayin’)? Holding the door open for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Buying them little gifts? There’s not much we, as teenagers, can do that really show what “love” is. And I know some of you reading this have a significant other and are totally thinking, “That’s not true!! We’re in love!!” But think about it…are you REALLY in love? Or maybe it’s just the fake version of it…the kind that tricks you into thinking you’re in love so you make stupid decisions. That, my dear friends, is called lust.

Everyone’s interpretation of love is completely different. My version of it is when you know you can share anything with your significant other and feel comfortable knowing that they know your deepest secrets. It’s when you can be honest with each other and have faith in them to do the right thing. Of course there are physical aspects of it, too, like little kisses and such, but I think real love is more focused on how grounded that person makes you feel, how jealousy is nonexistent in the relationship, and how you can trust them. I feel like this takes time to develop between two people…it’s not like you wake up one morning when you’re 17 and think “Oh my God, I love them!!” No, it’s longer than that. I say real love never stops developing…it takes a whole lifetime until one can figure out what it really is.

Now, coming back from my mini tangent, let’s chat about the kind of guy I want in my life. I don’t plan on dating for a while (not ’till I’m in college because high school relationships just don’t make sense to me) but every girl has their dream guy, right?

I’m feelin’ kinda listy…let’s start with the physical attributes I’d prefer.

1. Tall. He seriously has to be taller than me or we might have some issues there.

2. A great smile…something that can instantly brighten my day.

3. Eyes that I can get lost in. The color doesn’t matter, but I love it when I can look into a guy’s eyes and feel like I’m drowning in them (in a good way, obviously).

4. Kinda muscular, but not obnoxiously. I want him to be fit, but I can’t stand guys who have bulging muscles. Ick. And I don’t want my boyfriend/husband to be skinnier than me because that’s just plain weird.

Time for the personality!

1. Smart enough that I can carry an intelligent conversation with him. It can’t be something like “avocados are green.” and it can’t be like “Did you know the reason that avocados are green is because the sugar content in them is so high that the molecules compact together and the light reflects off of their structures then bounces back to our eyes but only the green rays reach our pupils??” (And that is 100% made up…I have no idea why avocados are green.)

2. A gentleman. I don’t want to be with some rude guy who isn’t going to treat me like a lady!! I want my doors opened for me!

3. Kinda artsy. I’m not gonna lie, I find it really attractive when a guy has that little bit of creativity in him. Take Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer: He’s into architecture…that’s kinda really fantastic to me. And another thing that I like about Tom leads me to:

4. Sensitive and romantic. I think that’s so adorable when a guy can watch a chick flick and cry because it shows that he’s comfortable showing his soft side. Of course there are other reasons for guys to be sensitive, but romantic is kinda big, too. I don’t want a big, boring lump who just sits there expecting me to be all romantic! It’s his job to make me feel special, too.

5. A sense of humor. I don’t think I even need to elaborate on that one.

So ladies and ‘gents, don’t ever settle for less. If you do, you’ll never really know the true meaning of love.

That is unless some completely opposite person comes in and manages to sweep you off your feet.

Then you might have some figuring out to do.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: World’s Most Attractive Actor


Ok, maybe not the world’s most attractive actor…but it’s pretty close. What girl wouldn’t swoon over the sweet and sensitive Tom in (500) Days of Summer or his serious, super-attractive character, Arthur, in Inception? After that movie, I’m 94.7% sure every girl walked outta the theatre thinking, “Wow, who’s he? He’s kinda hot…”

…I know I did. Don’t judge.

So he may be 30, which is pretty much twice my age, but that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with having a celebrity crush, right? I know he played Tommy in the show from the 90’s, 3rd Rock from the Sun, but man, I did NOT think he’d grow up to look like this…


………I think I just died a little. And I bet 3/4 of the girls reading this just did, too.

As for the guys reading this, let me lend you some helpful advice:

1. If you look like him, you will have no trouble at all finding a girlfriend. But I will continue for the sake of those that don’t.

2. If you wear a crossover, you will immediately be considered attractive in my books….I’m not sure about other girls, but for me, it works.

3. If you like to draw, sketch, or write, any girl who likes that as well will like you back just as much, if not more.

4. It’s a good idea to be funny, sarcastic, and extremely serious at times because those are qualities every girl looks for at some point in their lives.

And finally, 5. Let me repeat this for emphasis: If you look like him, I will date you. So unless you don’t wish to be my boyfriend and you have a face like that, you better hide. Just sayin’.

But not only is he good lookin’, he’s also a terrific actor! How does he go from a guy with a sensitive, almost girl-ish personality to a man who’s all about business and isn’t afraid to kill a person or two? He gets so into his characters that it really makes the movie seem like it’s his real life. I’m surprised he hasn’t won any awards yet, but I’m sure he’ll get an Oscar for his work as Arthur.

For those who want to know more about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you should check out his website He’s really into art and singing so it’s really cool to browse through it and watch his videos.



The Versatility of Pancakes


They’re fluffy, golden brown, and you can stack ’em as high as you want: pancakes. Everyone loves them…or at least a vast majority of Americans do. Not only are they delicious, but the word “pancake” is even fun, too. Whoever thought of the name for them was a genius because you make them in pans and they taste like cake. So crafty, right?

You can make them in large pans so the cakes are the size of dinner plates, or you can make them tiny and stack them high. It all depends on how starved your stomach is feeling that morning, afternoon, or evening. And yes, I do mean evening. Heck, I’d totally eat some pancakes for dinner if I was in the mood for them! Doesn’t IHOP stay open late or something? Yeah, so I’m not the only crazy person in the world who would.

Pancakes can be made from scratch or they can come from a box mix…it completely depends on how fast you want them. I personally am a fan of the box mix just because it’s quicker and it doesn’t require so much work…and the fact that I have no idea how to make pancakes without the mix.

It doesn’t stop there! The fun is just beginning. You can have them plain, or you can slice some fresh fruit on top of them as soon as they come off the griddle. Maybe you’re not a fruit person, I get it. Maybe you’d prefer chocolate chips put into the batter so they’re all gooey and melty and sweet when you take your first bite. You might not even need syrup for those or maybe you love them extra sugary and you drown them in it to the point when your pancakes get soggy.

Well, today, I found out that my sister makes the best pancakes…no joke. She likes to experiment with them by putting all kinds of stuff in the batter. Today, she made “hot cocoa” pancakes and they were kinda super-awesome. She put cocoa powder in the batter so they were almost like chocolate cake and then sprinkled chocolate chips in it. Now, here’s the best part: she added mini marshmallows. I cannot tell you how amazing these pancakes were. They were so gooey and perfect that it really did feel like I was eating hot chocolate. It was magical.

The point of this whole thing: My sister makes awesome pancakes. ‘Nuff said.

So, hopefully she’ll be willing to experiment again on our Snow Day Part Two so I can blog some more about her greatness.  I bet you’re all just as thrilled as I am about not having school again tomorrow…I am mostly because I won’t have to swim. Yippee!

Take advantage of this 2-days-off-from-school-in-a-row rare occasion, for we may never have another snow day again after tomorrow. Drink lots of cocoa, play in the snow, and roast lots of marshmallows!