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PART II: The Sequel to the Top 10 Celebrity Men I Will Marry Someday


That’s right folks, I’m back with a second list. What’s better than reading about 20 guys that are incredibly attractive that I’d love – and boy, do I mean love – to meet someday (though mostly I’ve got my fingers crossed on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s my guy. Heck, I even named my car after him: Joseph. I know, I know…my parents make fun of me for it all the time.)? I’ll put all the lovely guys in here that didn’t make it into the last top 10 because they certainly deserve some recognition and love. I just did not have the time nor the patience with myself to sit there and write a commentary on 20 celebrity men that I honestly could just blab on and on about. A second list seems much more doable.

So here’s the deal: same rules. We start from 10 and work our way up to the number 1 most attractive on my list. Warning: this will probably have a ton of unnecessary, strange commentary alongside it all considering the fact it’s nearly 2am and I can’t sleep.

PS – I know I usually am judging them by how they look which is completely superficial so let’s just keep in mind that this is all for fun ūüôā No harm intended!

10. Keir Gilchrist

So I’m not exactly sure how his name is pronounced…I’ve googled it before and have found several pronunciations but I’m pretty sure it’s said like “kurr” (rhymes with fur…I found that nugget of information online which gave me a good chuckle). I think the reason I really like him so much is because he starred in the film adaptation of my favorite book¬†It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. He plays Craig Gilner pretty well and I think he’s going to be one of those “stars on the rise” that we’ll all have to look out for in 5 years. He’s a 19 year old British-Canadian actor and I wanna say he’s got a pretty nice sounding accent that sounds like a cross between the two. Personally, I think he’s adorable! He just seems like a relatively skinny teddy bear that’s waiting for a hug…kinda like the one from the Snuggle commercials except it doesn’t have nearly all of that fluff in it.

9. Jack Davenport


Ok, so this guy’s only attractive in certain situations, like right here in this photo and in Smash. Otherwise, he looks like he’s much older than his age (which I wanna say is 37-ish) but there is still something really cute about the way he carries himself. OH! Disclaimer: he is not the guy in the blue shirt. That guy is Snow Patrol’s lead singer Gary Lightbody. To me, he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo but I guess he does have his own kinda charm like his incredible singing voice. BUT ANYWAY,¬†not the point; the point is Jack Davenport and how handsome he looks in his suit during the Called Out in the Dark music video. I heart him. Especially as James Norrington in Pirates of the Caribbean! Who doesn’t love themselves a bad british guy in a uniform? ūüėČ

8. Chris O’Dowd

I seriously must have some kind of thing for Irish guys. Chris O’Dowd is honestly the most adorable man in the entire movie industry. I thought he was so cute in Bridesmaids¬†and I’m looking forward to seeing him in upcoming movies. His accent drives me crazy. It’s like half Irish half American. Holy cow!

7. Young – and I’m not kidding when I mean¬†young¬†– Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s all admit it: we teenage girls wish we were Rose in Titanic because this guy right here got to draw her naked and then make steamy love to her in an old 1900’s car on a boat in the middle of no where.¬†¬†What the hell, why can’t that be the story of my life?! Minus the whole boat-sinking and freezing to death in cold water issue. But really though, that’s unfair because the rest of us will most likely never experience that. Ever. But Jack Dawson, really, can you just reincarnate and duplicate yourself a million times so every girl on this planet can have you? Granted, he’s just a fictional character but I think we all like to pretend he’s real. Truthfully,¬†I’d love to have a guy like that chasing me around like Kate Winslet’s character got to have. But in all seriousness, I really only want the younger Leo DiCaprio on ¬†my list because now he’s turned into a super creepy looking guy. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE¬†Inception (it has JGL in it! How can I NOT love that movie?!) and he’s a phenomenal actor, but there’s just something not right… Dear Leonardo DiCaprio: what went wrong?? You used to be so adorable!

6. Justin Timberlake

Oh yeah, I’m goin’ old school on you guys. Really though, who doesn’t love JT?? This guy is going to be forever known for not only his extremely seductive singing voice but also his SNL personalities.

Step one: cut a hole in a box. Two: put your junk in that box! Three: make her open the box. It’s my **** in a box! That, my dear friends, is what every girl wants for Christmas…to open a gift and find Justin Timberlake’s man-package staring you right in the face. Sweet Jesus.

5. Adam Levine

Oh my lord, need I say more about this incredibly SMOKIN’ HOT man?! He is just something else! Look at those tattoos! Holy moly! I love a bad boy who’s clad in tattoos…then after I picture him in about 60 years with his skin all saggy and wrinkly, I second guess my judgement and decide I’m better off marrying someone who doesn’t have a giant flower on their shoulder that’ll wrinkle up like a sun-dried prune.

4. Jesus Navarro

¬†And for those out there who don’t speak Spanish, no his name is not pronounced Jesus. The j is like an h so it’s hesus not frickin’ Jesus, alright? Now that we’ve settled that situation, I just wanna say that this guy is the most amazing, romantic sounding singer I’ve ever heard in the Latin music industry. I mean, he’s pretty high up there with Pablo Alboran though they’re 2 completely different styles of music (especially considering the fact they’re from opposite ends of the world: Jesus is from Mexico while Pablo is from Spain, both of whom are still incredibly sexy. Yowza!). Because of Jesus Navarro, Reik is pretty much my new favorite band and the song that got me hooked on his incredibly dreamy voice is Creo en Ti – look it up and you’ll see what I mean. If I were to ever marry him, I’d have him sing to me all day long with that smooth voice of his. And the best part about him is he doesn’t care what the heck other people think of him…he even started taking shots and drinking at one of his own concerts. Then again, when you have a face like his and the voice of an angel, I’m pretty sure you could do whatever you want.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Dear Ryan Reynolds:

Can you marry me right now? Don’t worry about renting a tux. You can just show up like that. I’m completely sure my entire family would appreciate the wedding photos.


2. Zac Efron

Never in my life did I think Zac Efron would ever end up on my list – let alone at freaking number 2! Trust me, I’m just as confused as you: how in the world did this dude transform from a boy into a man so quickly?! Wasn’t he just that little buck-toothed boy in High School Musical that nearly everyone hated?? It was just like POOF! One day, he was a skinny little chicken boy and the next he’s all manly and rugged in¬†The Lucky One. Whew! Sweet mother of pearl! LOOK AT THOSE EYES! GOOD HEAVENS!! Not to mention his impressively toned body…I swear that kid’s got an 8 pack. Oh, the many things I’d do…

But those eyes. Holy guacamole, those eyes. They’re like sapphires!!!! Jesus!

Ok, now I don’t mean to disappoint with number 1 since he was on my last list but to make up, I’ve got a lovely compilation of photos that’ll surely knock your socks off…

1. Alex Pettyfer – the most gorgeous man on earth!

Yup, that’s right: Alex Pettyfer is a British cowboy. Yowza! I just absolutely love this guy right now (aside from JGL because he’s my guy and even though he’s not a part of this list, I keep bringing him up) because he’s going to be one hot stripper in¬†Magic Mike! Wee! I can’t wait to see him take it off!! Woohoo!! Apparently he’s engaged to Riley Keough – yeah like that’ll last. Especially after he meets me one fateful day and he realizes that I’m his perfect soulmate. I mean, if that doesn’t work out, I can settle for friends with benefits. Or even just that shady chick he meets up once a month at Super 8…


…I’m starting to wonder: is that another thing? Guys with tattoos? Man, I learn so much about myself through these lists.


…is it me, or did it just get exceptionally hot in here? YOW!


Top 10 Celebrity Men I Will Marry someday


I love men. Especially gorgeous men. Even more so gorgeous¬†celebrity¬†men. But what do I love above all those? The kind of celebrity men that are so gorgeous, I’d do many, many things to if the opportunity were to ever arise. Since we all know that’s a rather slim chance, I’m better off just creating a list of these guys – because what’s better than reading my strange commentary alongside an attractive man’s face and/or body? Well, there’s no time for me to waste, especially with 10 guys I could just ramble on about all day! Let’s get this show on the road, shall we? Mind you, I originally wanted to do 25 but that was way too many. I went down to 20 and guess what? I got to number 17 twenty minutes later and realized that wouldn’t work…

So let’s start with number 10 and work our way up.

10. Tristan Macmanus

¬†This guy’s just about got it all: fantastic personality, killer eyes, and an amazing Irish accent that makes me wanna pee my pants. Whenever he opens his mouth to speak, I literally scream for everyone in my house to stop talking so I can hear him that’s how much I’m in love with his accent. If I could marry that alone and then marry him, I would (if that even makes any sense at all). He’s such a good dancer (don’t judge, I watch Dancing with the Stars) and I applaud him for his fantastic work as a choreographer since he pretty much gets stuck with all these nasty, old, crusty ladies (minus Gladys Knight because she’s a legend and will never be any of those adjectives…so I guess I’m pretty much pointing fingers at Nancy Grace).

9. Devon Bostick

¬†Ok, if I knew that Diary of a Wimpy Kid had him in it, I would’ve gone to see it much earlier…my best friend and I went and saw it a couple of years ago just because we wanted to see a movie and that was the only one playing. We read the books when we were kids, so we figured why not? Turns out the movie wasn’t so good (shocker, right? Please note the sarcasm there) but this guys performance right here saved it from drowning completely. I officially love this guy because he’s hilarious, sarcastic, witty, and adorable.

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

¬†My lord, there is just something so undeniably sexy about this man…I personally think it’s those beautiful eyes and he’s got mile-long eyelashes, I’ll tell you that. And that crooked smile he’s got just knocks me dead every time…the last thing I saw him in was Source Code and I wish he’d do another movie soon. I’d love to see that scruffy, manly face on the big screen again.

7. Bradley Cooper

¬†Now, don’t get me wrong Mr. Gyllenhaal…you’re eyes are beautiful and all but this guy here wins the grand daddy of prizes. And that constant scruff on his face is amazing. We all love him so I don’t think I need to elaborate any more here on lovely Mr. Cooper. MEOW!

6. Channing Tatum

¬†WHY. ARE. YOU. SO. ADORABLE? If there’s any celebrity guy I’d date forever, it’d be Channing Tatum for sure. He’s just so funny and goofy and he is just any girls dream guy. He always plays himself in the movies he does and I think that just adds to his cuteness factor…who doesn’t love a guy who can always be himself on screen and off? It’s a shame he’s married…*sigh* next time.

5. Alex Pettyfer

¬†Ok, we all know Alex Pettyfer is a douche (for the love of God, he dyes his hair and takes photo shoots of himself without a shirt…and apparently, he’s with a dog in this one to try and make himself seem less douchey) so I’ll admit it: I’d marry him just for his looks. With a body like that and a face like his, I’ll admit I’d be shallow and do it…maybe I’d be that girl that changes him for the better? Or is that too much wishful thinking? All I know is that I like his face. A lot.

4. William Levy

¬†Ai papi! Todas las cosas que te hare! I’ll say it: He’s HOT. SMOKIN’ HOT. And this, folks, is why I’m taking Spanish and will someday move to a Spanish speaking country (well, there are other important factors, too, but I won’t get into those). He’s CUBAN. What a sexy latino! My God! LOOK AT THOSE LIPS! HOLY COW!

Now that I’m done having my mini heart attack, I’ll try to keep my teenage hormones in check. This guy is fantastic…he’s funny, kind, and also has the most gorgeous Cuban accent that sounds like Pitbull’s and Enrique’s had a baby and it called it William Levy’s voice. Sweet Jesus, I need to move on before I have a seizure.

3. Tom Hardy

¬†I adore this guy. I really do. He’s one of my favorites because he’s got that “I’m going to do what I want and I really don’t care what you think about me” attitudes. He’s just doing his own thing and you don’t hear too much about him because he’s such a low-key guy. I just have a ton of respect for this man in the sense that he’s a phenomenal actor and has a British Accent (my God…I think I just realized I’ve got a thing for guys with accents). ¬†Plus who doesn’t love a guy with tattoos? That’s just plain hot.

2. Dave Franco

¬†This boy! Sweet mother of pearl! Just the fact he’s in a suit makes my knees weak (I’m a sucker for a guy that cleans up nice). I honestly adore this guy more than his brother – yes, brother – James Franco. He’s got this “hipster-I-don’t-care-what-you-think-of-me” vibe and he just likes to be a giant weirdo (like myself). Go check out his Funnyordie channel…you won’t be sorry. But Dave Franco is honestly a really talented guy…I wouldn’t be surprised if I see him in more movies now after his wonderful performance in 21 Jump Street.

Dave Franco: Can you please come find me and make me your girlfriend? Though I’m 9 years younger than you (Can you believe this kid is 26?? HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S MY AGE!), we could make it work. I promise.

¬†Ready for number 1? EEE, I’m so excited! I’m ready!


¬†Joseph Gordon-Levitt: if you’re ever reading this, I just want you to know that I think you’re the most talented actor I’ve ever seen…and I’d love it if you’d disregard all of the other 9 people before you and maybe call me sometime?

Like that’d ever happen but it was worth a shot. I love this guy and I mean it! He’s so talented in everything he does and plays the most dynamic characters with such grace…if I ever had the opportunity to meet him, I honestly don’t know what I would do…scream? Cry? Laugh? Spaz? God knows. But he’s definitely someone I’d love to meet in my lifetime…even if I’m some crusty 90 year old in a wheelchair and he’s – wait. He’d be dead, wouldn’t he? I’ve never been good at math.

Anyway, I love this guy and I support him in everything he does. VIVA HITRECORD.ORG!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ūüôā


It’s Good to be Back


It’s been a rough few months. School is driving me to the brink of insanity, my home life has been a little rocky, and – to top it all off – I got played by some arrogant, smooth-talking, French ¬†foreign exchange student.

But that’s a whole different story (which I will probably end up ranting about at some point…so let me apologize in advance for that).

My life has been a mess – a hot mess for the sake of description.

It’s my junior year of high school and, for some ungodly reason, my school loves to shove every piece of college information down your throat until you’re past choking and near suffocation. Unfortunately, I don’t handle stress too well and I blacked out way back in October but somehow, everyone else around me is still completely alert.

College application processes, college representative visits, college campus tours, college planning programs.


I used to love hearing that word but now I can’t stand it. College is an extended 4-letter word to me. Sure, I’m excited to actually experience going to school and living on my own, but the process leading up to it shall forever drive me mad. It haunts me in my sleep and during class, hangs over my head like a guillotine.

It’s a graphic smilie, but fairly accurate, isn’t it?

And on the 27th, I get my first ACT score back, which is basically the test that determines what college I get in to…so that oughtta be interesting. People at my school aim for perfect scores and curse themselves when it comes back as a 30…I seriously have to restrain myself from choking them out since my hopes are set on a high of 24.

It lowers my self esteem and at the end of the day, I go home feeling like a complete doofus who can’t do anything with her life and will live in a cardboard box, even though I know that’s not true.

I’ve learned to just take it one day at a time and not compare myself to other people…I’ve even taken up yoga to relax myself in the evenings before I sleep so the next day, I awake with an open mind and a fresh start. All I need now are some candles or incense (which I doubt my parents would ever let me burn considering I have the memory and attention span of a squirrel).

But now I have some new stress…I have to write this stupid article for my stupid journalism class on this stupid (yet rather attractive) foreign exchange student and it’s just really stupid. The whole situation I got into is stupid. And I’m stupid for believing his lies.

…Stupid, stupid, stupid me.

I found out our school is currently hosting 4 foreign exchange students and – being my weird, curious self – I decided to profile all of them for my school’s newspaper. I wanted to write about all of their interesting background stories, where they came from, why they’re here, and stuff like that so I decided to start out with the French guy.

Big mistake.

Reason #1: He’s very – and, good grief, do I mean VERY – attractive. In fact, he’s so attractive that my interview notes are only 5 measly bullet points when they should’ve been a full page…yeah, my teacher will NOT be very pleased when he sees that.

On to Reason #2: We were flirting and I completely failed to keep it professional. I blame myself for this part because I should’ve just kept my own feelings out of it but he was interested in me. For once in my entire life, a guy – AN ACTUAL GUY- was interested in ME. Not talking about himself, the 1,000 people he talks to a day, or his workout routine, but asking questions about who I am and where I came from. That’s never happened to me before (sadly). I don’t get asked out and I’ve never have a boyfriend so this was a huge milestone of my short, loser-ish, high school career! So I went along with it.

Ready for the kicker? Reason #3: HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. Now, before you jump to conclusions and call me a home-wrecker, he referred to her as a “friend”. I would’ve given him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know the correct English term for “girlfriend”, however, when you call the 10 other people you’ve talked about your “friend”, my mind isn’t going to hear her name and immediately make that distinction between her and the rest of them.

How did I find out? Facebook. Hah-hah, funny story: they made it “Facebook Official” literally a week before my interview with him so it was right there at the top of his page.

DO NOT send me flirtatious text messages, DO NOT flirt with me during a professional interview, DO NOT ask me if we “could do this again sometime”, and certainly DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT call your girlfriend your “friend”.

Moral of the story: I hate writing this article and this stupid French kid. I can’t wait to turn this assignment in after winter break and have him outta my life for good.

But this marks the end of my valley and my life is ready to start progressing upwards and it begins today with this blog post. I’m finally gonna get back into writing and purge my life of the constant negativity that’s been in it through blogging and Word Documents.

Come on life…hit me with your best shot.



I Have a Surprise for You…


So, this is something I rarely do and have decided to just give it a shot. I’ve put up a short story I’ve written on Quizilla (this story posting site I use) that uses my own ideas. I’m afraid of doing this because, yes, there are crazy people in the world who can steal ideas and use it as their own. Usually, I just write “fanfiction”¬† because the idea has already been written and it’s widely known, making it not unique.¬†And it’s nice because it keeps my writing polished while allowing me to not worry about some crazy person stealing¬† my ideas.

This is a rare occasion because I never share my writing with anyone (only 2 people I personally know actually read what I post). By giving you all acess to this story, you’ll pretty much have the ability to see everything that I’ve written (that isn’t unique). And this terrifies me. I’m doing this so I get used to other people reading my writing. But I highly reccomend not reading anything else because almost every story is about 30 or so pages on Word and my longest is 75. Have fun going through that lol. ¬†That and the fact I’ve been on the site for several years now and some of my older writing isn’t its sharpest and I can’t get myself to delete them off because they’re my “babies”. It hurts to delete something you’ve created.

On that note, don’t judge this story or the others if you decide to go exploring my page.¬†Fanfiction is fun to write and if you don’t like it, then click out. But as for now, please enjoy this original Sadiah’s-own-idea story…(comments/reviews on Facebook or Quizilla are appriciated)


The New


I’m making some changes here. Major changes. Well, I mean the layout of my blog will still look the same, but the content has gone through some serious thought-renovations. This is no longer going to be my place to talk about random things – since I pretty much do that on a daily basis already – and instead, a blog about reading.

Oh look at that…Sadiah’s turned into a granny. I bet you’re wondering where I stash my knitting needles (underneath my rocking chair) and cane (by the front door). But guess what?

READING IS COOL. And I can make this blog seem just as exciting, if not more than, as it was before. It upsets me how many of my peers don’t even think about books while kids across the globe wish they had the ability to just read the title. I realize how clich√© this sounds, but the sad part is it’s actually true.

I didn’t realize it until recently, but I’ve been reading books for a long time now. Well, that along with watching various movies and listening to music, which I might also occasionally add onto here. But back when I was in elementary school, I remember I’d have a children’s chapter book that I’d read on my own and one that my mom would read me part of every night. I don’t know, it was just something we did that made us form a closer relationship and helped me learn to appreciate novels. Because of this, it seems like I’ve always had a book tucked under my arm at home or at school. And now I want to be an author. Fancy that!

Now, why does this matter? Why should you care about how this has effected me? After all, it’s just my life, right? Well, if there are¬†people who stick around and read my blog and read my suggestions, it means I’m making a difference. It means they care about reading and want to take advantage of an amazing privilege we have that some don’t. They’re learning how to become better writers by reading the books I talk about. And not only do you gain knowledge, you get to be someone else for an hour and personally, I think that’s the best part.

So from now on, after every book I read, I’ll post a review on it along with some other information about the novel and the author. I have a feeling this is going to turn into an amazing blog. Hey, maybe we can start a mini blog book club on here…anything’s possible.

But for now, I’m not really sure. We’ll just have to wait and see where this goes.


(Candida Hofer Trinity College Library in Ireland)



Dear Alex Pettyfer: Please, Take Your Shirt Off Again.


Who is this guy? I had no idea until I saw the Beastly and I Am Number Four movie previews. Being the¬†avid book reader that¬†I am, I’m practically crawling outta my skin waiting to see these 2 movies. I spent the last weekend in my living room starting and finishing IANF and read Beastly back¬†in June, so it makes sense that I’m kinda really excited and on top of that, there’s a really attractive actor playing both “John Smith” (a.k.a. Number 4) and Kyle Kingsbury.

I’m weird. I like to IMDb¬†movies that I either watch or want to see, so on the cast list, I saw Alex Pettyfer as the main character for IANF. After I clicked on his name to find out some more about him, I was like “Oh. My. God.” when I saw his picture files. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF HIM WAS SHIRTLESS. I just wanna say that this boy has a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY attractive body.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video on my wall.

He was on the Ellen show the other week and she somehow persuaded him to take off his shirt. I don’t know how she did it, but Ellen is my new hero.

The sad part, though, is that he might just have a rotten personality. Apparently he asked for $10 million after being hired for another movie¬†and he’s also said to have¬†given his ex-girlfriend Dianna¬†Agron a difficult time on the set of IANF¬†or something, too…but then again, these are the just tabloids speaking and half the time, they’re not factual. And¬†I don’t know if I believe them because he’s said that none of those rumors are true, even though he could easily be lying.

But at the end of the day, let’s face it: we all just want him to take his shirt off again.


Girls Are So Vicious!


Yes, in all honesty, sometimes I do wish I only had guy friends. They’re so chill and as long as you can find something they’re interested in¬†to talk about, they can pretty much be your best friend. And when I say “something they’re interested in”, I don’t only mean the stereotypical stuff like video games and cars, but just general conversation like music or TV or even school. You know what? You don’t even have to make conversation with them! The nice thing about guys is that you don’t have to constantly be talking! You can just sit there in comfortable silence and think while being in the company of someone else.

But for girls, man, are they a pain. I can’t tell you how much drama I’ve gone through from 5th grade until now (and yes, it goes as far back as that). They’re always whispering things behind your back like, “Oh did you see what she’s wearing today? She looks like a *blankity-blank*!” or “So she told me not to tell you this, but I’m just gonna tell you…” (by the way, a majority of girls tell other girls secrets and think that their “friend” won’t tell anyone else. This never works unless you’re telling it to someone you know you can really trust, like your best friend{s})

Girls do things to annoy each other like saying one thing to their friend’s face then doing the exact opposite behind their back. It’s so frustrating!! Just say what you really mean!!! Being stabbed in the back is a much more¬†horrible feeling compared to just being told an opinion.

It’s even worse when they say, “Oh, Sally?¬†Yeah, I don’t like her at all. She’s so gross and ugly and fat and weird, why would I want anything to do with her??” and then you catch them hanging out with “Sally” the next day. It’s so two-faced and ridiculous.

And then, you and your friend get in a fight. Suddenly, they’re talking to all of your friends and saying what “a mean *blank*” you are and how “she doesn’t even like you anyway. Didn’t you hear she said _______?” Now because of all of this fake, totally made up GOSSIP (God, I hate gossip), you’ve only got a few friends. Or if you fight back, you might just end up with none because all of the people stuck in between have gotten frustrated. Maybe you’ll be “lucky” and steal all their friends, but either way, making your friends choose sides is not ok. If you’re friends with me or just aquaintences, I can promise you that I will never, ever put you in that kind of situation or talk bad things about you behind your back.

Seriously guys, consider yourselves¬†lucky. I know you get in fights and stuff, too, but I can promise you it doesn’t get as ugly as ours.