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PART II: The Sequel to the Top 10 Celebrity Men I Will Marry Someday


That’s right folks, I’m back with a second list. What’s better than reading about 20 guys that are incredibly attractive that I’d love – and boy, do I mean love – to meet someday (though mostly I’ve got my fingers crossed on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s my guy. Heck, I even named my car after him: Joseph. I know, I know…my parents make fun of me for it all the time.)? I’ll put all the lovely guys in here that didn’t make it into the last top 10 because they certainly deserve some recognition and love. I just did not have the time nor the patience with myself to sit there and write a commentary on 20 celebrity men that I honestly could just blab on and on about. A second list seems much more doable.

So here’s the deal: same rules. We start from 10 and work our way up to the number 1 most attractive on my list. Warning: this will probably have a ton of unnecessary, strange commentary alongside it all considering the fact it’s nearly 2am and I can’t sleep.

PS – I know I usually am judging them by how they look which is completely superficial so let’s just keep in mind that this is all for fun 🙂 No harm intended!

10. Keir Gilchrist

So I’m not exactly sure how his name is pronounced…I’ve googled it before and have found several pronunciations but I’m pretty sure it’s said like “kurr” (rhymes with fur…I found that nugget of information online which gave me a good chuckle). I think the reason I really like him so much is because he starred in the film adaptation of my favorite book It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. He plays Craig Gilner pretty well and I think he’s going to be one of those “stars on the rise” that we’ll all have to look out for in 5 years. He’s a 19 year old British-Canadian actor and I wanna say he’s got a pretty nice sounding accent that sounds like a cross between the two. Personally, I think he’s adorable! He just seems like a relatively skinny teddy bear that’s waiting for a hug…kinda like the one from the Snuggle commercials except it doesn’t have nearly all of that fluff in it.

9. Jack Davenport


Ok, so this guy’s only attractive in certain situations, like right here in this photo and in Smash. Otherwise, he looks like he’s much older than his age (which I wanna say is 37-ish) but there is still something really cute about the way he carries himself. OH! Disclaimer: he is not the guy in the blue shirt. That guy is Snow Patrol’s lead singer Gary Lightbody. To me, he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo but I guess he does have his own kinda charm like his incredible singing voice. BUT ANYWAY, not the point; the point is Jack Davenport and how handsome he looks in his suit during the Called Out in the Dark music video. I heart him. Especially as James Norrington in Pirates of the Caribbean! Who doesn’t love themselves a bad british guy in a uniform? 😉

8. Chris O’Dowd

I seriously must have some kind of thing for Irish guys. Chris O’Dowd is honestly the most adorable man in the entire movie industry. I thought he was so cute in Bridesmaids and I’m looking forward to seeing him in upcoming movies. His accent drives me crazy. It’s like half Irish half American. Holy cow!

7. Young – and I’m not kidding when I mean young – Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s all admit it: we teenage girls wish we were Rose in Titanic because this guy right here got to draw her naked and then make steamy love to her in an old 1900’s car on a boat in the middle of no where.  What the hell, why can’t that be the story of my life?! Minus the whole boat-sinking and freezing to death in cold water issue. But really though, that’s unfair because the rest of us will most likely never experience that. Ever. But Jack Dawson, really, can you just reincarnate and duplicate yourself a million times so every girl on this planet can have you? Granted, he’s just a fictional character but I think we all like to pretend he’s real. Truthfully, I’d love to have a guy like that chasing me around like Kate Winslet’s character got to have. But in all seriousness, I really only want the younger Leo DiCaprio on  my list because now he’s turned into a super creepy looking guy. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Inception (it has JGL in it! How can I NOT love that movie?!) and he’s a phenomenal actor, but there’s just something not right… Dear Leonardo DiCaprio: what went wrong?? You used to be so adorable!

6. Justin Timberlake

Oh yeah, I’m goin’ old school on you guys. Really though, who doesn’t love JT?? This guy is going to be forever known for not only his extremely seductive singing voice but also his SNL personalities.

Step one: cut a hole in a box. Two: put your junk in that box! Three: make her open the box. It’s my **** in a box! That, my dear friends, is what every girl wants for Christmas…to open a gift and find Justin Timberlake’s man-package staring you right in the face. Sweet Jesus.

5. Adam Levine

Oh my lord, need I say more about this incredibly SMOKIN’ HOT man?! He is just something else! Look at those tattoos! Holy moly! I love a bad boy who’s clad in tattoos…then after I picture him in about 60 years with his skin all saggy and wrinkly, I second guess my judgement and decide I’m better off marrying someone who doesn’t have a giant flower on their shoulder that’ll wrinkle up like a sun-dried prune.

4. Jesus Navarro

 And for those out there who don’t speak Spanish, no his name is not pronounced Jesus. The j is like an h so it’s hesus not frickin’ Jesus, alright? Now that we’ve settled that situation, I just wanna say that this guy is the most amazing, romantic sounding singer I’ve ever heard in the Latin music industry. I mean, he’s pretty high up there with Pablo Alboran though they’re 2 completely different styles of music (especially considering the fact they’re from opposite ends of the world: Jesus is from Mexico while Pablo is from Spain, both of whom are still incredibly sexy. Yowza!). Because of Jesus Navarro, Reik is pretty much my new favorite band and the song that got me hooked on his incredibly dreamy voice is Creo en Ti – look it up and you’ll see what I mean. If I were to ever marry him, I’d have him sing to me all day long with that smooth voice of his. And the best part about him is he doesn’t care what the heck other people think of him…he even started taking shots and drinking at one of his own concerts. Then again, when you have a face like his and the voice of an angel, I’m pretty sure you could do whatever you want.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Dear Ryan Reynolds:

Can you marry me right now? Don’t worry about renting a tux. You can just show up like that. I’m completely sure my entire family would appreciate the wedding photos.


2. Zac Efron

Never in my life did I think Zac Efron would ever end up on my list – let alone at freaking number 2! Trust me, I’m just as confused as you: how in the world did this dude transform from a boy into a man so quickly?! Wasn’t he just that little buck-toothed boy in High School Musical that nearly everyone hated?? It was just like POOF! One day, he was a skinny little chicken boy and the next he’s all manly and rugged in The Lucky One. Whew! Sweet mother of pearl! LOOK AT THOSE EYES! GOOD HEAVENS!! Not to mention his impressively toned body…I swear that kid’s got an 8 pack. Oh, the many things I’d do…

But those eyes. Holy guacamole, those eyes. They’re like sapphires!!!! Jesus!

Ok, now I don’t mean to disappoint with number 1 since he was on my last list but to make up, I’ve got a lovely compilation of photos that’ll surely knock your socks off…

1. Alex Pettyfer – the most gorgeous man on earth!

Yup, that’s right: Alex Pettyfer is a British cowboy. Yowza! I just absolutely love this guy right now (aside from JGL because he’s my guy and even though he’s not a part of this list, I keep bringing him up) because he’s going to be one hot stripper in Magic Mike! Wee! I can’t wait to see him take it off!! Woohoo!! Apparently he’s engaged to Riley Keough – yeah like that’ll last. Especially after he meets me one fateful day and he realizes that I’m his perfect soulmate. I mean, if that doesn’t work out, I can settle for friends with benefits. Or even just that shady chick he meets up once a month at Super 8…


…I’m starting to wonder: is that another thing? Guys with tattoos? Man, I learn so much about myself through these lists.


…is it me, or did it just get exceptionally hot in here? YOW!