I Have a Surprise for You…


So, this is something I rarely do and have decided to just give it a shot. I’ve put up a short story I’ve written on Quizilla (this story posting site I use) that uses my own ideas. I’m afraid of doing this because, yes, there are crazy people in the world who can steal ideas and use it as their own. Usually, I just write “fanfiction”  because the idea has already been written and it’s widely known, making it not unique. And it’s nice because it keeps my writing polished while allowing me to not worry about some crazy person stealing  my ideas.

This is a rare occasion because I never share my writing with anyone (only 2 people I personally know actually read what I post). By giving you all acess to this story, you’ll pretty much have the ability to see everything that I’ve written (that isn’t unique). And this terrifies me. I’m doing this so I get used to other people reading my writing. But I highly reccomend not reading anything else because almost every story is about 30 or so pages on Word and my longest is 75. Have fun going through that lol.  That and the fact I’ve been on the site for several years now and some of my older writing isn’t its sharpest and I can’t get myself to delete them off because they’re my “babies”. It hurts to delete something you’ve created.

On that note, don’t judge this story or the others if you decide to go exploring my page. Fanfiction is fun to write and if you don’t like it, then click out. But as for now, please enjoy this original Sadiah’s-own-idea story…(comments/reviews on Facebook or Quizilla are appriciated)




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