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Book 2: Heart on a Chain


Title: Heart on a Chain

Started Reading: May 15th, 2011

Finished Reading: (I plan on finishing it tonight) May 21st, 2011

Author: Cindy C. Bennett

                        – Currently, she lives near the Rocky Mountains in Salt lake city with her 4 children (2 sons, 2 daughters) and 3 dogs. In the past, she’d done volunteer work with teenage girls ages 12 to 18 and became so fascinated by them that she began to write YA novels. Geek Girl, her first published novel, started as a short story that eventually was turned into a book. Heart on a Chain is her latest YA novel, written after Geek Girl, and was published January 22, 2010.

Synopsis: Kate Mosley and Henry Jamison are in love…or so they think since they’re only in 6th grade; the problem is they’re both too shy to do anything about it. Sure, they shared a kiss secretly in Henry’s closet, but the embarrassment of that keeps them from doing anything more about their feelings. However, a few weeks prior to that, Henry began to notice something different with Kate…she wasn’t smiling as much and spent her time hiding in corners rather than mingling with her classmates. When he moves away that summer, he’s worried about her but figures it’s just a phase. In reality, every day Kate goes home to an abusive, drug addicted mother and an alcoholic father. Her father beats her mother which causes her to abuse Kate excessively to the point where she’s forced to go to school with a black eye accompanied with yellow/purple bruises. Because of her secondhand clothes and poor appearance, her peers pick on her and it’s so severe that she has no friends at all. Then senior year, Henry moves back when Kate no longer has the ability to trust anyone, not even him. Even though he still has a kind heart and a sense of what’s right to do, she’s still skeptical and uneasy. He tries to befriend her but she avoids him, thinking he’s just another one of her peers trying to embarrass or hurt her. But what happens when he finally breaks down her wall and begins to learn more about her dark past and present?

“Rating”: 10/10

 Amazing novel. In fact, it moved me to tears.  I think this is something that everyone needs to read because it shows you no matter how dark your life may get, there will always be someone there to support you and help you escape the pain. It also tells you that you never know what somebody’s experiancing at home so you should always, always, always be nice to everyone you meet.

Cindy C. Bennett does a phenomenal job getting you emotionally tied to Kate and I think the reason why I was so attached to her was because the author used first person. You witnessed everything that happened to Kate through her eyes and in fact, I felt like I was her. The abuse scenes were insane. I had tears in my eyes for several chapters and I couldn’t believe something so horrific could happen to a 17-year-old girl by her own mother. I even cried a little when she met Henry’s family and finally felt like that was the family she should belong to.

Speaking of his family, I just really need to say this: I love Henry…absolutely love him. He’s such a great, kind character with a huge heart and while I was reading this book, I truly felt like he was a real person and not just a book character. He is exactly what I want my future boyfriend/husband to be like: kind, loving, and a gentleman. I adore how much attention he pays to Kate and how he cares about her so much that he even manages to change the school’s opinion about her. What an incredible guy (you’ll completely agree with me once you read the book).

This book is so fantastic and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this already. It was only $3 on my Kindle (way too cheap for such incredible writing!) and I would recommend this to anybody and everybody. Really, you need to read this novel, especially if you’re into romance. You won’t regret it.

 “You can’t hurt me anymore.” – Kate Mosley



I Have a Surprise for You…


So, this is something I rarely do and have decided to just give it a shot. I’ve put up a short story I’ve written on Quizilla (this story posting site I use) that uses my own ideas. I’m afraid of doing this because, yes, there are crazy people in the world who can steal ideas and use it as their own. Usually, I just write “fanfiction”  because the idea has already been written and it’s widely known, making it not unique. And it’s nice because it keeps my writing polished while allowing me to not worry about some crazy person stealing  my ideas.

This is a rare occasion because I never share my writing with anyone (only 2 people I personally know actually read what I post). By giving you all acess to this story, you’ll pretty much have the ability to see everything that I’ve written (that isn’t unique). And this terrifies me. I’m doing this so I get used to other people reading my writing. But I highly reccomend not reading anything else because almost every story is about 30 or so pages on Word and my longest is 75. Have fun going through that lol.  That and the fact I’ve been on the site for several years now and some of my older writing isn’t its sharpest and I can’t get myself to delete them off because they’re my “babies”. It hurts to delete something you’ve created.

On that note, don’t judge this story or the others if you decide to go exploring my page. Fanfiction is fun to write and if you don’t like it, then click out. But as for now, please enjoy this original Sadiah’s-own-idea story…(comments/reviews on Facebook or Quizilla are appriciated)