Book 1: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour


Title: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Started Reading: April 24th, 2011

Finished Reading: April 27th, 2011

Synopsis: Well, I can’t tell you too much without giving the whole book away…let’s see how I can make this work:

Amy Curry is just your average junior in high school who lives in Raven Rock, California with her mother, brother Charlie, and father. However, when Amy’s father dies, her average, everyday life isn’t exactly the same anymore. Suddenly, her mother can’t even look at her without getting upset and Charlie is sent to a rehab facility after they discover him doing drugs. A few months after her dad’s funeral, Amy’s mom decides it’s time for a fresh start and forces her to move to Connecticut. Amy is left behind for a month to finish school, take care of the house and realtor until she has to drive cross-country to meet up with her mom. She’s terrified of driving (which will be explained why later on in the book) and her mom asked an old family friend’s son, Roger Sullivan, to drive her out there. Let’s just say he’s a freshman in college and Amy seems a little more than interested in him, but she’s not sure if she’s ready for that yet. Amy has to learn how to cope with her grief, put her trust in Roger, and perhaps disobey her mom just a little bit.

Author: Morgan Matson

                     – Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour was Morgan Matson’s debut book and it came out May 4th, 2010. Currently, she lives in Venice, California (why am I thinking of Italy right now?) and has driven cross-country three times.In fact, I’m wondering if the places she talks about in here are places she’s visited?? That’d be really neat…

“Rating”: 7/10 

I loved this book! Loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED it!! Did I tell you how much I loved it? 🙂 The plot was amazing and I absolutely loved how it had more of an internal conflict moreso than having a legitimate protagonist/antagonist. I liked how the character developement was slow and gradual and not like she woke up one morning and had this huge epiphany. Blah, I can’t stand books like that because you’re left wondering, “how the heck did this just happen?” – not that I’m making a reference to Twilight or anything… 

I would’ve given it a higher rating, but there were just a few things that bothered me…now, I will admit I am no critic or professional and I don’t know much about the publishing/editing industry just yet. It’s not my place to bash on other people’s hard work; I wouldn’t want that done to me, so why would I do it to them? And this is all just my opinion. You all have the ability to form your own so don’t just make assumptions based off of mine; actually read the book! (Then tell me what you think about it!)

But what I will do is give you an idea of what Morgan Matson’s writing style is like: she uses the verb “said” a lot. It’s not bad or anything but I like a little more adjective/verb variety when it comes to dialogue.
As far as her strengths go, she seriously gets you emotionally tied to Amy. Her emotional scenes were done nearly perfectly and it really got you to understand the grief Amy felt.

In general, I think this is a great quick-read with some actual substance to it; after all, I’m a sucker for a good, light-hearted teen romance novel (yes, this book is, in fact, light-hearted). It’s not your usual “hey, I love you! Oh, just kidding, I’m breaking up with you…wait, I made a mistake. I love you again!” teen book. However, I must caution you, I rate it PG-13 just for your typical teenage thematic elements like drugs, sex and the occasional bad language…like we haven’t heard it all before.

“Saying good-bye is basically an invitation not to see a person again. It’s making it okay for that to be the last conversation you have. So if you don’t say it–if you leave the conversation open–it means you’ll have to see them again.” ~Roger Sullivan, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour



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