The New


I’m making some changes here. Major changes. Well, I mean the layout of my blog will still look the same, but the content has gone through some serious thought-renovations. This is no longer going to be my place to talk about random things – since I pretty much do that on a daily basis already – and instead, a blog about reading.

Oh look at that…Sadiah’s turned into a granny. I bet you’re wondering where I stash my knitting needles (underneath my rocking chair) and cane (by the front door). But guess what?

READING IS COOL. And I can make this blog seem just as exciting, if not more than, as it was before. It upsets me how many of my peers don’t even think about books while kids across the globe wish they had the ability to just read the title. I realize how cliché this sounds, but the sad part is it’s actually true.

I didn’t realize it until recently, but I’ve been reading books for a long time now. Well, that along with watching various movies and listening to music, which I might also occasionally add onto here. But back when I was in elementary school, I remember I’d have a children’s chapter book that I’d read on my own and one that my mom would read me part of every night. I don’t know, it was just something we did that made us form a closer relationship and helped me learn to appreciate novels. Because of this, it seems like I’ve always had a book tucked under my arm at home or at school. And now I want to be an author. Fancy that!

Now, why does this matter? Why should you care about how this has effected me? After all, it’s just my life, right? Well, if there are people who stick around and read my blog and read my suggestions, it means I’m making a difference. It means they care about reading and want to take advantage of an amazing privilege we have that some don’t. They’re learning how to become better writers by reading the books I talk about. And not only do you gain knowledge, you get to be someone else for an hour and personally, I think that’s the best part.

So from now on, after every book I read, I’ll post a review on it along with some other information about the novel and the author. I have a feeling this is going to turn into an amazing blog. Hey, maybe we can start a mini blog book club on here…anything’s possible.

But for now, I’m not really sure. We’ll just have to wait and see where this goes.


(Candida Hofer Trinity College Library in Ireland)




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