Girls Are So Vicious!


Yes, in all honesty, sometimes I do wish I only had guy friends. They’re so chill and as long as you can find something they’re interested in to talk about, they can pretty much be your best friend. And when I say “something they’re interested in”, I don’t only mean the stereotypical stuff like video games and cars, but just general conversation like music or TV or even school. You know what? You don’t even have to make conversation with them! The nice thing about guys is that you don’t have to constantly be talking! You can just sit there in comfortable silence and think while being in the company of someone else.

But for girls, man, are they a pain. I can’t tell you how much drama I’ve gone through from 5th grade until now (and yes, it goes as far back as that). They’re always whispering things behind your back like, “Oh did you see what she’s wearing today? She looks like a *blankity-blank*!” or “So she told me not to tell you this, but I’m just gonna tell you…” (by the way, a majority of girls tell other girls secrets and think that their “friend” won’t tell anyone else. This never works unless you’re telling it to someone you know you can really trust, like your best friend{s})

Girls do things to annoy each other like saying one thing to their friend’s face then doing the exact opposite behind their back. It’s so frustrating!! Just say what you really mean!!! Being stabbed in the back is a much more horrible feeling compared to just being told an opinion.

It’s even worse when they say, “Oh, Sally? Yeah, I don’t like her at all. She’s so gross and ugly and fat and weird, why would I want anything to do with her??” and then you catch them hanging out with “Sally” the next day. It’s so two-faced and ridiculous.

And then, you and your friend get in a fight. Suddenly, they’re talking to all of your friends and saying what “a mean *blank*” you are and how “she doesn’t even like you anyway. Didn’t you hear she said _______?” Now because of all of this fake, totally made up GOSSIP (God, I hate gossip), you’ve only got a few friends. Or if you fight back, you might just end up with none because all of the people stuck in between have gotten frustrated. Maybe you’ll be “lucky” and steal all their friends, but either way, making your friends choose sides is not ok. If you’re friends with me or just aquaintences, I can promise you that I will never, ever put you in that kind of situation or talk bad things about you behind your back.

Seriously guys, consider yourselves lucky. I know you get in fights and stuff, too, but I can promise you it doesn’t get as ugly as ours.




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