You Know What, Macaroni Grill? You’re Gross.


Don’t get me wrong, I love places like this, but there’s definitely a problem when you go to an “Italian” restaurant and your pasta does not have real cheese in it.

No joke, I’m 110% sure that my mac and “cheese” did not have any trace of legit dairy in it and was made with something similar to Velveeta. Oh, God, I felt like I gagged after every bite because they definitely made my dish first since it was cold and congealed and all kinds of wrong. I’m someone who doesn’t like to make a fuss, so I just sucked it up and ate some of it even though it was absolutely repulsive.

I suppose I’m kinda weird because I like pepper in my mac and cheese, but even that couldn’t mask the obvious taste of chemicals. I’m secretly still grossed out by it. If you’re at an “Italian” restaurant, I think it’s kinda obvious that there should be real cheese in every dish. Even if it costs more, it’s worth it because Velveeta tastes nothing like it.

Dear Macaroni Grill:

Please throw that out.





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