Joseph Gordon-Levitt: World’s Most Attractive Actor


Ok, maybe not the world’s most attractive actor…but it’s pretty close. What girl wouldn’t swoon over the sweet and sensitive Tom in (500) Days of Summer or his serious, super-attractive character, Arthur, in Inception? After that movie, I’m 94.7% sure every girl walked outta the theatre thinking, “Wow, who’s he? He’s kinda hot…”

…I know I did. Don’t judge.

So he may be 30, which is pretty much twice my age, but that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with having a celebrity crush, right? I know he played Tommy in the show from the 90’s, 3rd Rock from the Sun, but man, I did NOT think he’d grow up to look like this…


………I think I just died a little. And I bet 3/4 of the girls reading this just did, too.

As for the guys reading this, let me lend you some helpful advice:

1. If you look like him, you will have no trouble at all finding a girlfriend. But I will continue for the sake of those that don’t.

2. If you wear a crossover, you will immediately be considered attractive in my books….I’m not sure about other girls, but for me, it works.

3. If you like to draw, sketch, or write, any girl who likes that as well will like you back just as much, if not more.

4. It’s a good idea to be funny, sarcastic, and extremely serious at times because those are qualities every girl looks for at some point in their lives.

And finally, 5. Let me repeat this for emphasis: If you look like him, I will date you. So unless you don’t wish to be my boyfriend and you have a face like that, you better hide. Just sayin’.

But not only is he good lookin’, he’s also a terrific actor! How does he go from a guy with a sensitive, almost girl-ish personality to a man who’s all about business and isn’t afraid to kill a person or two? He gets so into his characters that it really makes the movie seem like it’s his real life. I’m surprised he hasn’t won any awards yet, but I’m sure he’ll get an Oscar for his work as Arthur.

For those who want to know more about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you should check out his website He’s really into art and singing so it’s really cool to browse through it and watch his videos.




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