The Versatility of Pancakes


They’re fluffy, golden brown, and you can stack ’em as high as you want: pancakes. Everyone loves them…or at least a vast majority of Americans do. Not only are they delicious, but the word “pancake” is even fun, too. Whoever thought of the name for them was a genius because you make them in pans and they taste like cake. So crafty, right?

You can make them in large pans so the cakes are the size of dinner plates, or you can make them tiny and stack them high. It all depends on how starved your stomach is feeling that morning, afternoon, or evening. And yes, I do mean evening. Heck, I’d totally eat some pancakes for dinner if I was in the mood for them! Doesn’t IHOP stay open late or something? Yeah, so I’m not the only crazy person in the world who would.

Pancakes can be made from scratch or they can come from a box mix…it completely depends on how fast you want them. I personally am a fan of the box mix just because it’s quicker and it doesn’t require so much work…and the fact that I have no idea how to make pancakes without the mix.

It doesn’t stop there! The fun is just beginning. You can have them plain, or you can slice some fresh fruit on top of them as soon as they come off the griddle. Maybe you’re not a fruit person, I get it. Maybe you’d prefer chocolate chips put into the batter so they’re all gooey and melty and sweet when you take your first bite. You might not even need syrup for those or maybe you love them extra sugary and you drown them in it to the point when your pancakes get soggy.

Well, today, I found out that my sister makes the best pancakes…no joke. She likes to experiment with them by putting all kinds of stuff in the batter. Today, she made “hot cocoa” pancakes and they were kinda super-awesome. She put cocoa powder in the batter so they were almost like chocolate cake and then sprinkled chocolate chips in it. Now, here’s the best part: she added mini marshmallows. I cannot tell you how amazing these pancakes were. They were so gooey and perfect that it really did feel like I was eating hot chocolate. It was magical.

The point of this whole thing: My sister makes awesome pancakes. ‘Nuff said.

So, hopefully she’ll be willing to experiment again on our Snow Day Part Two so I can blog some more about her greatness.  I bet you’re all just as thrilled as I am about not having school again tomorrow…I am mostly because I won’t have to swim. Yippee!

Take advantage of this 2-days-off-from-school-in-a-row rare occasion, for we may never have another snow day again after tomorrow. Drink lots of cocoa, play in the snow, and roast lots of marshmallows!



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    • And then you had pb and j pancakes the next day. Crazy how you were able to predict another experiment being made!

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